Leading companies need to do more to promote women within their organizations now, more than ever. Demonstrating a commitment to new mothers and easing the challenges moms face upon return to work is a powerful way to earn the respect and loyalty of your female workforce while achieving real, tangible, bottom line results.

Consider the following statistics:

  • 57% of women participate in the workforce (Dept of Labor)

  • Women with children are the fastest growing segment of the  workforce (

  • 57% of women with children under one year participate in the workforce (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

  • 70% of all new mothers choose to breastfeed (


The unfortunate reality is that when faced with the challenge of balancing both work and family obligations, many moms choose to leave the workforce.  The negative impact for businesses includes lost knowledge, cultural disruptions and loss of customer relationships to name a few.  The women who remain in the workforce are faced with substantial challenges that arise from balancing family and an intolerant work life.  Ultimately, this results in women having difficulty rising through the ranks. According to a recent article in Fortune, only 4% of CEOs in the Fortune 500 are female.

Why Supporting New Parents is Good For Business


Providing new mothers with the tools for a smooth transition back to work has a broad, far-reaching impact for both working women and the companies in which they work.


Togethernest bridges the needs of the working mother with the needs of the employer.  Our services help create a corporate culture of understanding and cooperation while addressing the practical needs of the new mother. Mothers feel supported and appreciated and in turn, have the extra motivation and practical solutions to remain highly productive members of the workforce.




The bottom line impact for businesses is clear: investing in the well-being of your working mother employee is investing in the well-being of your company.


Employers that provide for the needs of their female workforce have healthier employees:


  • One-day absences to care for sick children occur 50% less often when the infant is receiving breastmilk

  • Employees that breastfeed miss work less often

  • Breastfeeding lowers health care costs


Employers that provide for the needs of their female workforce have a more productive workforce:

  • Lower employee turnover rates

  • Higher productivity and loyalty

  • Benefit from good publicity


Supporting new mothers at work is not only the right thing to do it is simply good business.

TOGETHERNEST is the only Employee Assistance Program that focuses on the needs of new parents as they return to work. Together we can make all the difference! 


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Togethernest was inspired by the personal journey of two mothers' return to work and the many challenges they encountered.  Upon realizing that apprehension over returning to work is unfortunately the norm, they decided that they could help both today's employer and the working mother and her family reap the advantages of a mother friendly workplace.


That is when these two mothers, Marninah and Chaya, both Board Certified Lactation Consultants created a revolutionary concept for employers looking to broaden their appeal for today's working mother. The Welcome Back Wellness program  offers new parents comprehensive services to ease their work-life balance as they transition back to work.  The Togethernest vision brings to the workplace a new standard in the core benefits package and ensures companies are compliant with the current legislation.

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