Ensuring adequate nutrition education is essential in the postpartum period. This will not only help new mothers feel their best, but will also permit a smooth transition back into the workforce. More often than not, new parents feel that they lack time for self-care and end up skipping meals or eating whatever catches their grasp, resulting in jeopardizing weight gain or loss, malnutrition, poor energy and possible depression. If biologic needs are not met, it is difficult to meet the physical and intellectual challenges presented at work.

Let’s fix this problem together! Providing mothers with education on balanced nutrition and giving them the tools to prepare easy yet nutritionally balanced meals (and snacks) will provide them with the necessary fuel to soar through a busy weekday.  This new energy and heightened self-esteem will translate into enhanced work performance. 


Togethernest provides private virtual sessions with a registered dietitian via a HIPAA compliant virtual program.   Here, new mothers can discuss their individualized concerns, needs and goals with a sensitive specialist prepared to give them the practical guidance they need to accomplish their personal aspirations. No need to leave work, home, or provide time off! We are also proud to offer Togethernest Nutrition workshops where we bring our secret "ingredients" to a workplace looking to offer corporate wellness programs on site.



"How do I lose weight and get fit?" is the question on the forefront of every postpartum mom.  Returning to work makes the journey toward achieving personal health and well-being so much more challenging.  Our exercise programs are offered by highly trained and skilled personal trainers who specialize in the area of pre and postnatal fitness. Private one-on-one sessions are delivered through a HIPPA compliant virtual platform so mothers can exercise from the convenience of their home.  With a strong focus on strengthening the core muscles and increasing flexibility, expectant mothers can prepare for childbirth, while new mothers can recover from pregnancy and childbirth.  We all know that a good workout helps the endorphins flow, confidence shine and allows Moms to look and feel their best!

Mental Health:


While becoming parents is an incredibly exciting time, at Togethernest we understand that it can be overwhelming and a time of increased vulnerability both physically and emotionally.  In a world where motherhood is glorified by the general and social media, it’s not hard to understand why mothers are left to feel embarrassed or inadequate when they may be struggling emotionally with their new role as mother or physically as they are far from feeling “back to normal.”


Reaching out for help is easier than you thought!  Our caring therapists help parents cope with prenatal depression and anxiety, pregnancy loss, postpartum depression and anxiety, adjustment to motherhood, difficulties with postpartum body image and the challenges of juggling work responsibilities with motherhood.


Togethernest coaching provides empathetic, supportive and confidential services that are individualized to meet the unique needs of every client.  Parents talk with licensed therapists via a secure HIPAA compliant telehealth platform in the comfort of their own home or office- no need to find a babysitter!

Infant Feeding:


Just when things have finally started to make sense with breastfeeding it's time to go back to work and of course that changes everything!!Transitioning from breastfeeding to pumping at work while hoping to maintain the breastfeeding relationship is something that creates a lot of confusion and worry for mothers returning to work. Other issues that commonly arise in working mothers include: decrease in milk production, sudden breast refusal, plugged ducts and mastitis due to infrequent pumping.  These issues need to be addressed in a timely manner to achieve the best outcome for both mom and baby.   


Togethernest provides private virtual sessions with a board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) via a HIPAA compliant virtual program.   Here, new mothers can discuss all their concerns regarding infant feeding such as how to transition from breast to bottle, when to pump, or how to begin baby on solids with an experienced specialist prepared to give them the practical guidance they need so they can stress less and enjoy the journey with their little one.

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